The New Home Interiors and Gifts

It's amazing that the home decorating company Home Interiors and Gifts has been in business since 1957, and this month the company is celebrating Founders Month with some great specials and incentives to get you to join the Home Interiors family.

The artwork and accessories that the company offers has really grown as far as selection, style and value and there is even a collection designed by Better Homes and Gifts so you can replicate the looks that you see in their magazines.

I've been involved with the company for over 10 years now, and when I am designing my model homes the Home Interiors website is the first place that I visit. I just got back from designing 5 homes for Patriot Homes and many of the items in the homes as well as the artwork was purchased from Home Interiors. You know that you have appealed to the buyer when they are turning over items to see who made them which is what happened with a great cross that is part of the current selections.

Some really great news is that all of the merchandise offered by Home Interiors can now be purchased online and shipped directly to your home! But as always this Lifestylist® is always here to make suggestions for you and to help you make your house your dream home.


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